Iris is a social documentary photographer working on independent projects and also in partnership with humanitarian-based non-profit organizations in the San Francisco Bay area and internationally. She was born and raised in California and recently completed a degree in Literary and Intercultural Studies at Dominican University of California. Her interest is in ethnic and cultural identity, as well as issues of social justice and human rights, particularly for women. Her own identity as a woman of color and as the daughter of Mexican immigrants informs both her academic interests and social documentary work, as does her love of exploring other cultures internationally.

In 2013, Iris visited the Occupied Palestinian Territories for the first time, which led her to return four more times over a period of six years to learn about life under Occupation. She developed “Faces of Occupied Palestine,” a personal on-going project bringing attention to the struggle of life for Palestinians living in the West Bank. 

Her concern for “wholeness and truth” is centered around education and conscious awareness, and in breaking out of the “conditioned” frames by which people see the world, in order to develop greater compassion and connection as humans. Iris’ goal, in part, is to use photography towards this end.


Affiliate Organizations

  • Fundación Alalá, Sevilla, Spain
  • Joint Advocacy Initiative, Beit Sahour, Occupied Palestinian Territories
  • Olive Tree Campaign (JAI), Bethlehem, Occupied Palestinian Territories
  • The Women’s Building, San Francisco, USA
  • Kigezi Women and Children’s Healthcare Initiative, Kakore, Uganda
  • One World Brigades (Uganda) USA
  • The Protective Presence Initiative, UK
  • Noor Women’s Empowerment, Aida Camp, Bethlehem, Occupied Palestinian Territories
  • Dar El Tifl Institute, East Jerusalem, Occupied Palestinian Territories
  • Palestine Museum of Natural History-Bethlehem University, Bethlehem, Occupied Palestinian Territories

  • Exhibitions

    2020- Filter Photo, Chicago, IL we like small things v.3,  selection from the India series

    2020- AAP MAGAZINE, PHOTO.COM, Black and White, merit award winner for "Turaaka" Means to Shine, from the Uganda series

    2020- Dominican University of California, Photography and the Environment interview for Faces of Occupied Palestine  

    2018 and 2017- Dominican University of California, Tuxedo Literature and Arts Journal

    2017- MASS ART, Bennington, VT  Faces of Occupied Palestine pop-up book

    2017- The Image Flow, Mill Valley, CA Reflect and Engage, selection from theThailand series

    2016- San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)  Material Memory

    2016- SFAI  Context as Concept

    2016- The Image Flow, Mill Valley, CA  From Joshua Tree to Salton Sea

    2015- The Paramount, Oakland, CA  Open Exhibit, selection from Faces of Occupied Palestine

    2015- Ma'an News Agency, Bethlehem, Occupied Palestinian Territories, photographs published

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